The new FUGIFILM X100S

Well I’ve been promising myself the X100 as my “take anywhere camera" for some time, so you can imagine my delight that dear old Fugi have decided to bring out the X100S.


Not only is it the coolest looking retro point & shoot I’ve seen in a long time, it is also a serious bit of kit.

Twice the shooting speed 10fps as opposed to 5fps, and shutter lag down to 0.01secs.

Higher resolution 16MP instead of 11MP.

ISO upt to 25,600 from 12,800.

Longer battery life.

Video quality 1080 (60fps) against 720p (24fps).

The X100S has the CMOS11 sensor, the same as in the XPRO1 and improved auto focus (that was always a contentious point), making it the “worlds fastest” at 0.08secs!

With 70 improvements over the X100 I’m not going to list them all, I’ll just leave you the link here: FUGI X100S

It looks like the X100S is going to be available in the UK in March,  so I’m going to have to wait until then, lets hope it delivers what it promises when some of us get our paws on one.